Ковальська садиба - отдых в Славское

Slavske – ski resort

Slavske is a small village in the Lviv region, which is surrounded by mountains and has ski resorts – that’s what I knew when I went there. And I travelled there with one goal – to catch the winter, and if I’m very lucky, I’d ski.

No one believed that I would find snow in March, but now I can spoil the surprise – I did!


So, why did I choose to go to Slavske?

There were several criteria:

  1. cosy housing. Since neither my sister nor I had been there before and did not know if there would be something to do there for all 3 days, I wanted to live in a stylish house in case I had to spend most of the time in the room;
  2. ski resort. I did not leave the idea to see the snow and, if possible, at least ski a few times;
  3. beautiful views. If skiing was not possible, plans included long walks in the surroundings.

Actually, these were 3 key points, based on which a place to stay was chosen. When my sister sent me a housing option, I realized that this is it, and all that remains is to believe in karma and hope for winter in March.

As it turned out, Sasha, Irina’s husband, was a skiing instructor. There is a post about how I found out about it and what came of it.


Accommodation in Slavske – Kovalska sadiba



Sadyba” (“sadyba” is “farmstead” translated from Ukrainian) is a three-story house in which the first and second floors are rented out for tourists, and the owners live on the last floor: Irina and Alexander and their two adult children.

You can’t come here with small children, and for some it will be a plus, but for others a minus. But, it seems to me, this is because the house has poor sound insulation, and so as not to cause inconvenience to anyone. It seems the owners have tried many different approaches to fix the problem, but the problem is still there. Pets are also not allowed here.

I booked the accommodation on the booking website. The rooms look exactly the same as the pictures posted on the website. I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I walked into the room after arriving. My expectations were justified, and perhaps even in real life, everything was better than I could have dreamed of.

It can be seen that a lot of soul, warmth and manual labor were invested in this house.

I lived on the first floor and the windows of the room overlooked the parking lot. The room is spacious. There is no closet, but there was a rail on which you could hang all your things. The bathroom had all the necessary accessories. A distinctive feature of this room is the heated floors in the bathroom. So in winter you certainly will not freeze in this room.

The hosts do not allow you to use the stove or oven. However, you can make yourself tea / coffee, and there is also a separate refrigerator where you can put your products.

If you want, you can order yourself breakfast, which costs 130 UAH. There is a board in the kitchen and you write the time when you would like to have breakfast in front of your name. But in my opinion, for such a price, they were very scarce and a man is unlikely to eat them.

The hostess deserves special praise for the white sheets and soft towels, as well as small details that won’t leave you indifferent – a decanter of water in the room, sponges for your face. And the most pleasant thing was that the hostess even took a video review of the room for me before I had to make an advance payment.



Upon arrival, you will receive an SMS with all the useful information: taxi numbers, the name of establishments where you can eat, where you can take excursions, spas, vats, etc. And if you have any questions, they will be happy to answer them and tell you everything.

I have the warmest memories of this place. It is about attitude towards people, about care, comfort, help and having a great time. And my auditor alter ego can safely recommend this place.

I noticed on their Instagram page that they now have a pool with sun loungers. Well, that’s cool!


How to get to Kovalska Sadyba?

How to get here? It’s simple. You can walk to Kovalskaya Sadyba from the station – 12 minutes or take a taxi. Even with a suitcase, I chose to go on foot and did not regret it – there is a road, and that will not be a burden for you.

Ski resort in Slavske

The main ski areas of Slavsk are located in Trostyan, Pogar, Menchil, Vysokiy Verkh.

Mount Trostyan (1232m) is the main attraction of Slavske. Moreover, here are the best slopes, and I was able to ride there.

The length of the tracks is 1500-2000m. In the upper part of the mountain, the slopes are steep (40-50°) and they are of medium and difficult difficulty. For beginners there are less steep slopes at an altitude of 1050m. Based on my application, on which I tracked my descents, we started from a height of 1142m – we had almost reached the middle league.

According to the official website, it was here that the All-Ukrainian competitions in skiing and sports were held, and the athletes of the Ukrainian Olympic team trained here.

For athletes and amateurs, the slopes on Mount Pogar are suitable, on which equipment for night skiing is installed, and there are also snow cannons.

On the slopes of Zakhar Berkut there are more than 9000m of pistes of different complexity, from the simplest (blue) to the most difficult (black). The longest chair lift in Ukraine, which was installed in 2005, is serviced here. You can buy a viewing ticket and climb to the highest point of this peak. Even I, who is afraid of such means of transportation, was not afraid (although after 5 minutes different rescue scenarios came to my mind) and decided on such an ascent. It seems to me that the ascent took about 30 minutes, but it was very beautiful.

By the way, at the top of the “Zakhar Berkut” hill, there is a cafe where you can have a bite to eat with a very stunning view. Unfortunately, on the day I visited, there was a snow storm so all the beautiful views were hided.

And if you are an experienced athlete, then for you the descent on Mount Menchil (1072m) in the route “Warsaw”.


Equipment rental


In the village of Slavske you can find equipment and clothing rental points, all of which are located on the way to the station. Personally, I have used these services at the Rossignol ski shop. There is a large selection of equipment. Clothes were clean and in good condition, boots were dry. The store employee picked everything up and adjusted the skis to my boots and my weight.

Near this store (you turn the corner and get on the road), there are cars that can take you to the slope, but they normally wait for a group of 5-6 people to arrive before they leave, but if there are just a few people who want to get to the slopes, then you will still be able to get there, but you have to wait.

Remember, I wrote earlier that I thought I wouldn’t be able to realize the idea at all – to take an instructor and ride down the slope? In this post, I tell how I managed to go skiing in Slavkoe.


Where to eat in Slavske

There are enough cafes where you can eat, but during my trip almost everything was closed. But I did find a few worthwhile ones.

Dvir Knyazhoyi Korony

The restaurant is located on the property of the hotel and is not exactly a budget place. But here the food is delicious, the service is good, and the view of the mountains is just incredibly beautiful.

Koliba “Fun”

This establishment is a bit simpler and cheaper than the previous restaurant, but the food was also quite tasty and inexpensive.


Things to do in Slavske

What else can you do in Slavske, apart from skiing? Although the city is not very big, you will definitely not be bored here. So, here are the following entertainments that you can entertain yourself with.

  • go hiking in the mountains: Pogar, Trostyan, Ilza, High Top
  • arrange a horse ride
  • take a pottery lesson
  • go on tour
  • bathe in a tub
    • Vezha Vedmezha;
    • Dzherelo Karpat;
    • vat in the cottage 4 seasons.

Speaking of hiking, from Slavsky you can walk to the ski slopes of the Zarakh Berkut slope. It will take you up to 2 hours, but there are beautiful views along the way.

If you want to climb to the top, but don’t want to ski, you can buy a lift ticket. I don’t know what prompted me to take a ride on an open funicular. I was alone and it lasted exactly 20 minutes, if I remember correctly. Maybe the desire to see beauty! But the weather had its own plans.

Although this trip did not follow according to plan, even being here without my sister, I did not really get bored. I don’t know whether the place was right, but I enjoyed the time I spent there by myself.

p.s. I planned to publish this post a little earlier, but then life just turned upside down.

On that trip, I also visited Lviv and had dinner in an unusual restaurant – Pretty high kitchen.

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